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Dr. David L. Thomas, LMHC

Dr. Thomas has been certified as a Licensed Mental Health Counselor in the state of Florida since 1986 and The National Board of Certified Counselors since 1987.

He has worked worked extensively as a psychotherapist/counselor for those suffering from depression, anxiety disorders, anger/rage, low self-esteem, , and more. He also works with numerous couples seeking to solve relationship problems and answers to a better marriage/relationships. He also has a wealth of experience in stress reducing methods, parenting, family counseling, and grief and loss.

In addition, Dr. Thomas has worked in the area of Alcohol and Substance Abuse and Treatment, including various county and state agencies as well as and has developed treatment protocols for hospitals and clinics.  He is credited with bringing alternative substance abuse services to the Tampa Bay area.

Dr. Thomas conducts group workshops, and holds one-on-one counseling sessions.  He holds a Ph.D. in counseling, graduating in 1987 from the University of South Florida.

A Message from the Founders

“We are humbled by the fact that literally thousands of people have overcome varied emotional upsets, difficulties, and trouble in their lives with help we’ve provided.”

“A culmination of experience and knowledge, the Whitford-Thomas Group is, more importantly, a manifestation of our devotion to the spirit and humanity of teaching others how to live their lives relatively free of emotional upset, and instead with happiness and contentment.”

Robert W. Whitford, Ed. S., LMHC   David L. Thomas, Ph.D., LMHC 
Co-Founders - Whitford-Thomas Group









Robert W. Whitford, Ed.S., LMHC

Robert Whitford, Chairman Emeritus, has been lending his skills and expertise to mental health counseling since 1973. He earned his Masters Degree in Counseling from Ball State University and Ed.S. In Counseling from the University of South Florida.

 Bob contributes a wealth of knowledge and experience in many areas to the practice. He is a clinical member of the Association for Treatment of Sexual Abusers (ATSA) and was a Charter Board member of the Florida ATSA.

He’s developed juvenile and adult sex offender programs and provided assessment and treatment for juvenile and adult sex offenders for over 25 years in hospitals, prisons and community clinics.

He is further certified in all aspects of testing, evaluations and reporting via use of the Behavior Technology Inc. Monarch Penile Plethysmograph (PPG).

Whitford also provides specialty treatment for those with PTSD, Anger Reduction & Management, various adjustment disorders and juvenile/adolescent delinquency (opposition and defiant) issues.

Bob also routinely provides professional services, including expert testimony to attorneys and the courts in several judicial circuits.


Whitford-Thomas Group
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