Depression doesn't have to feel hopeless.
Help is just a call or click away.
Depression counseling is available in Tampa that's effective and affordable. Depression can be helped via psychotherapy and qualified counselors. See how our counselors can help you--serving the Tampa Bay area with counseling and therapy since 1984.

There truly is help and hope and at WTG-Tampa we provide depression counseling and therapy to help get you out of the funk of depression.

Our counselors have helped literally thousands of people in the Tampa Bay area overcome the devastating effects of depression via counseling methods that are both easy to put into practice right away, and for the long-term.

We know that the hurt of depression is very real. The feelings of hopelessness; lack of interest in anything anymore; the relentless fatigue, to name but just a few of the symptoms of depression.

Upon completing our Depression counseling program you will:

  • Discover why you get depressed, how to beat it
  • 3 things to say to yourself to get out of a depressive funk
  • How depression affects your physical health and what to do  
  • Learn how anxiety contributes to depression, & how to avoid it
  • The secret key to switch your brain from feeling hopeless to hopeful
  • The simple ABCs of preventing depression from coming back
  • Depression medications...are they safe? Are they for you? 
  • See how you'll feel better after just 1 session
  • 7 different ways to kick-start your day

Depression Resources

VIDEO: What are the signs and symptoms of depression?

A detailed explanation of chronic depression?

Listen to your self-talk to solve stress, anxiety, and more.

Are you in control of your happiness?

Take a free, confidential depression test

Free Depression (and Bipolar) Support Groups

Free Mood Disorder Chat Rooms

Depression self-help books

Additional info on Depression


We use REBT and CBT to help you talk to yourself in rational ways and we do it in a manner that you will find very easy to learn, if not actually enjoyable. Most importantly, this methodology of depression therapy will give you the tools to combat and win over depression for life.

Here's how to start: call or email our office.  Dr. Thomas will personally talk with you and discuss your situation.  Your first appointment is free.

Call today, 813-872-8022 or email info@wtgtampa.com. 

Our office is conveniently located near downtown Tampa, easy to reach from Tampa, St. Pete, and Clearwater  MAP








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Does Psychotherapy differ from Counseling? Which doctor will I see?
How long are counselling sessions? Does your office prescribe meds?
Is free depression counseling available? How much does counseling cost?
Where do I find the REBT Irrational Beliefs? Do you take health insurance?                    






The National Institute of Mental Health offers in-depth information on depression including signs and symptoms, causes, types of counsellors, how to get help. Go to the NIMH site here.


Appointment times available now--Tampa. First appointment is free.

Providing professional and compassionate counseling since 1984









>What is depression? How do I know if I have it?

> Is counseling better than prescription  drugs for depression?

> Will I have to keep coming back for months or even years?

>Is it possible to have both depression AND anxiety?

>Is there one type of counseling that's best for depression?

> Is this like Freud where I lay on a sofa and talk about my parents?

>Do you do phone or internet counseling for depression?

>Do you offer any free depression counseling?

>Are a counselor and a psychiatrist the same?

>How do I start the process?

>Where are you located in Tampa


























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