WTG Offers Real Solutions for Those With Substance Abuse Problems. Our Methods Are an Alternative to AA.

Substance abuse is not particular about who it affects.  Young and old, rich and poor, those with corner offices and those who live on corners all know the ravages of the abuse of alcohol and drugs. AA suggests you have no control over your actions, that you have a disease, that you must follow a strict regimen of steps in order to overcome your addiction. We submit that this is not the case, and our success rate in helping those with drug and alcohol dependence is proof. 

Ours is individual therapy that from the start digs into why you use/abuse.  You then learn how to stop with the least amount of strain and how to be at ease without using.  Better still you learn how to lose your desire to use again.

If you believe that:

-You can't see yourself not drinking or using ever again

-That continuing your drinking or using is easier than quitting

-That quitting is so hard you can hardly bear the thought of it

-If you quit that you'll never have a good time again

-If you quit then you'll be so nervous and anxious you"ll go crazy

-You can't picture yourself doing some of your favorite things without drinking or using

You're in the right place. We offer a unique yet time-tested approach to substance abuse counseling that has a solid track record for over 26 years. We'll provide with what you need to overcome each of the above, and more, and how to handle all of your emotions without using or drinking again.

You'll come away from our program not only clean and sober but also with a full understanding of why you abuse and how to keep those emotions in-check so you can truly enjoy your new and exciting life for the rest of your life.
















Many people turn to Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) because they simply are not aware of any other options.  But there is a very viable alternative to AA.

Because of publicity, and its near 75 year existence, AA has been the program most touted for those with alcohol problems. But, quite frankly, AA does not work for everyone, and their success rate has been called into question on numerous occasions.

While some people are quite comfortable accepting that a Higher Power will help prevent them from drinking, others feel that this "must-accept" tenet of AA is an infringement on their rights, or have difficulty accepting this outright.

At WTG, we have utilized an alternative program to AA since the early 1980s.   Ours is a more rational approach to alcoholism and drug abuse.

We do not adhere to a belief that you must give yourself up to a higher power in order to succeed.  A higher power does not guide your hand to pour a drink, put it to your mouth, and swallow it.  You do that on your own and you have the same power within to stop it--all you need is for someone to teach you how.

Secondly, we do not adhere to the alcoholism-as-a-disease model.  It is not a disease, it is a choice. By way of the right type of counseling, you can choose not to drink.

Next, we do not believe in labeling  yourself.  You are not an alcoholic; you are a human being, capable of being fallible and making bad choices and mistakes just like all humans, and you can learn to make good choices instead.  Hanging a label around your neck serves nothing--it condemns you, while it's your actions and behaviors that are to blame.

Our experience in alcohol and drug counseling is vast. In addition to private clients and groups, we have had contracts with the Florida Department of Corrections in Manatee, Pinellas, and Hillsborough Counties, as well as the Federal Government in Hillsborough County. 

Dr. Thomas was the first to introduce an alternative to the traditional AA/NA community based self-help program in West Central Florida (1986); originally known as Rational Recovery and known today as Smart Recovery.

Let us help.  We have the experience and know-how to get you back on track. Call and talk to Dr. Thomas.  He will be happy to speak with you and explain our drug and alcohol counseling program further. 813-872-8022 or email info@wtgtampa.com. 

Dr. David Thomas talks about the Signs of an Alcoholic


Appointment times available now. First appointment is free.








Direct, personal, one-on-one substance abuse counseling, specified to your individual needs.

Dr. David Thomas has been providing drug and alcohol abuse counselling since 1983. 

-Our methods are easy to understand and implement. We teach you how to quit drinking or using now, and for life.

We're here and ready to help you.


























> Is counseling right for me? How do I know?

> Is there a difference between counseling and psychotherapy?

> How long will it take before I feel better?

> What will we talk about in therapy?

> Do you do phone or internet counseling?

> Do you take insurance?

> How much does it cost?

How do I start the process?





















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