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Specializing in therapy for anxiety, anger management, depression, relationships and substance abuse.

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Anger Management Counseling

At WTG, my Anger Management Program not only shows you where your anger comes from, but also how to prevent it and stop it. Anger management is an educational process. With the right tools, anyone can learn to manage their anger in any situation. 

Anger is the harshest of any of our emotions.  Anger and rage hurts not only those on the receiving end, but also the one delivering it. But effective anger management is at hand.  At Whitford - Thomas Group (WTG Tampa) my anger management counseling is the culmination of dozens of therapeutic contributors and over 34 years of focused experience.

Managing anger, for some, is a learned skill.  It is important to point out that most people who have a problem with anger or rage are not bad people and are not mentally ill. 

Here's an overview of my anger management counseling and psychotherapy program: 

Learn the reasons why you get mad

Free yourself of impatience and frustration 

Discover how to never have a fit of rage ever again

See how to easily control your anger in any situation

Find out how to see anger coming and stop it in its tracks

If you, or someone you know has issues with anger, even if you've been through other anger management programs or had other anger counseling before, mine is unlike any others in the Tampa Bay area. 

I break down your anger into easy-to-understand pieces, and show you exactly where your anger is coming from and better still, what to do before you lose control. I teach you how to help yourself before you get mad.

BONUS: My program will also show you how to control your anxiety as well as how to define and help yourself with depression.

Anger Management FAQ's

Can anger be really managed by counseling instead of prescription drugs?

Yes it can. While anger is one of the most volatile emotions, it is also one of the most receptive to psychotherapy.  Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) and Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy (REBT) are two of the most widely and effective counseling methods for anger management and practised by therapists all over the world.

Anger management methods are learned skills.  While some people have problems with anger, and others don't, anyone can learn and benefit from anger counselling. 


Prescription drugs do nothing to solve anger issues. Though they may sometimes offer brief physical relief, they do not address the core reasons for why we get angry and what to do in order to overcome it.

How do I know whether anger management will work for ME?

Everyone can benefit from anger management counseling. In addition to dealing with anger, it also helps people to be more effective at work and home because they experience less frustration and impatience.

For those with moderate to severe anger issues, my methodology is somewhat unique to the Tampa Bay area, but widely accepted around the world as the most effective anger counseling. I am confident that my anger management program will work for you, as it has for literally hundreds of others I have helped over the past 34+ years.

How long does it take to complete anger management counseling?

That depends upon a lot of factors. There is no 'set-date' for when counseling will break-through and work for you.  In general the minimum would be 4 weeks. It is up to me to be a good 'teacher.'  If I do my job and provide you with all of the ways to deal with your anger, then half of the job is done. The rest is up to you to learn and act upon.  I

It's akin to learning a foreign language;  if you just simply sit in class, listen to lectures and take notes then chances are you will not be able to do much more than say a few words. But if you do your homework, study and practice, then you will be fluent.  Not only that, if you review the materials from time to time, you will stay fluent.


Do you do teletherapy for anger?



Why do people get so angry?

Good question. The answer is much more simple than the solution. People often get angry when they take their preferences for things and escalate these preferences into a demand. People get angry because they want things their way. That's an oversimplification, but fact.  Call it ego, or self-centered, or selfish--those are the underlying causes of anger.

When someone says "...they made me so mad!..." that is not what actually happens. For if someone had the ability to make you mad, then they could then turn the tide and make you happy. No, fact is we each create our own emotions like anxiety and anger.  The anger comes from your belief system that everything should go your way.  Your thoughts and self-talk reaches a level of demanding things go your way and that creates the anger inside you.

What I do is show you where those demanding thoughts are. I help you to see them.  Then, I teach you how to deal with them, turn them into thoughts that instead will keep you calm in situations that used to push your buttons. Anyone can learn this... it's not hard.

Go here to learn more about the origins of anger and where it comes from.


What type of therapy do you practice for anger management?

Dr. Thomas's therapeutic approach to anger management is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). Specifically, he practices Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy (REBT), which is much simpler than it sounds. 

Albert Ellis, Ph.D., was an author and psychologist who developed Rational-Emotive Behavior Therapy (REBT) in the early 1950's. REBT is a therapeutic approach that stimulates emotional growth and teaches people to replace self-defeating thoughts and actions with more effective ones. REBT gives individuals the power to change the unhealthy behaviors that interfere with their ability to enjoy life.  (Source Albert Ellis Institute)

CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) was developed from the tenets of REBT. Thus, CBT and REBT are related; their methodologies differ somewhat and we have found REBT to be the superior therapy treatment for the areas in which we specialize.

Click here for more info on CBT & REBT


Is anger genetic?

No, it's not, but it is a good question.  Some people who have anger issues have a parent that does as well. But it is not a genetic trait, instead it is a learned behavior.  So, those who grew up around angry people may have a higher tendency toward anger issues themselves.  And even more so, they grew up witnessing what triggers anger in some people.  

If they grew up around a parent with a lot of impatience, a low tolerance for frustration, always feeling things should go their way, always feeling like people should think like they do--all of those high trigger for anger problems--then there is a higher chance that impressionable people in the household will pick up the traits. 

Are prescription meds or therapy better for anger?

Therapy, without a doubt.  Medications for anger are limited to depressants and sedative type drugs.  They do nothing to address the core reasons for the anger.  They may even mask emotions to the point where the person becomes even more irrational and angrier.  Therapy addresses the reasons why someone is getting angry, and more-over teaches them to deal more appropriately when emotional issues arise.  Therapy teaches one to become their own self-help counselor for life.

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