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Specializing in therapy for anxiety, anger management, depression, relationships and substance abuse.

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Client Journal

Thanks for following through with your daily/weekly journaling.  


Type your responses in the boxes below and then simply submit.  Dr. Thomas usually reads these by the end of the day, but depending on his schedule may not be able to till the next business day. He will place these in your file so you can use them in your counseling session.  


Let’s talk about your HOTSPOT (sometime today when you didn’t like how you felt or you didn’t like what you did).

This is a good beginning - we'll further dispute and challenge these thoughts in your next session.

Take each thought you had and determine whether it is rational or irrational, follow the guidelines below:

  • Challenge each thought separately and ask yourself the following questions:

  • Empirical - Is the thought consistent with reality, is it a fact or is it fictional?  What data do you have to support?  

  • Logical - Is the thought logical, does it make sense?

  • Functional – Does holding on to this thought help me to feel the way I like?  Does it help me to achieve my short term or long term goals? 

If you answer no to any of the challenges, then you can assume that the thought is irrational and open to change.  


Come up with a rational alternative to the thought.  Let’s talk about it next session.  

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